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Community of St. John

Community Apostolates


Children of Hope
A program started in 1997 by Fr. Antoine, dedicated to leading children into the mystery of the real presence in the Holy Eucharist following the words of wisdom of our Beloved Pope's JPII and Benedict XVI. Jesus Himself told us, “Let the children come to me and do not hinder them; for to such belong the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Matthew 19:14) Pope John Paul II, had made this request, “I urge priests, religious and lay people to continue and redouble their efforts to teach the younger generations the meaning and value of Eucharistic adoration and devotion.” (from the Vatican, 28 May, 1996) So, how else can we respond than to bring children to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus! Visit Children  of Hope's website to learn more about childrens adoration and beginning a program at your own parish.


Eagle Eye Institute
The Eagle Eye Formation Program is a unique opportunity for young people to discover and live by the love of God for them, expressed in Christ’s Cry of Thirst. The spirit of Eagle Eye is the same as that of Christ Jesus Himself, the “Eagle in flight,” (Rev. 4). In Jesus Crucified, and especially His cry of thirst and the piercing of His Heart wherein He gave His Spirit, the Paraclete, to His Church (cf. I Jn. 5:8), we find the fullest expression of this mystery of Christ, “the eagle in flight” . This spirit, lived out perfectly by the Virgin Mary, was also embodied and handed to the Church in a special way in the person and writings of St. John the Apostle, and demonstrated vividly for us in the life and doctrine of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus. Following in their footsteps, Eagle Eye strives to bring each of its participants to experience the cry of thirst of Christ as intensely as possible by helping them delve as deeply as possible into the mystery of a Christian Charity lived out as a “sincere gift of themselves” (cf. Lumen Gentium 22) in prayer, study, fraternal charity and apostolic service. His cry of thirst will be the source of a constant desire in them to give to God all that they can out of love, to form themselves as profoundly as possible in the truth, and to preach His Gospel with the totality of their lives. To learn more and see a full list of events and retreats visit Eagle Eye's website.