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Community of St. John

Books by Father Marie Dominique Philippe

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Wherever He Goes. A Retreat on the Gospel of Saint John.
Congregation of St. John, Laredo, TX, 1991. ISBN: 0-9711050-0-6 $20

OUR MOST POPULAR BOOK. This book is based upon a retreat given by Fr. Philippe to young people searching for the meaning of life. The title refers to Rev 14:4 which reads, in part, "(...)following the Lamb wherever He goes." It is a meditation on the gospel of St. John nourished by philosopical and theological reflection, and is the fruit of contemplative prayer. (349 pgs.)

"Father Philippe's treatment of the first chapter of St. John' s Gospel, while avoiding the heavy esoteric quality seen in much scriptural commentary, brings to light in a remarkable way the personality of St. John, his entrance into the mystery of Christ, and the absolute claims of personal discipleship. There are insights here that can serve a lifetime of reflection into the spiritual life."

The Worship of God.
Faith and Fact Books 16, 1959. Reprint: Congregation of St. John, Laredo, TX.

A theology of adoration and worship; worship being the act which teaches the creature in the most effective and emphatic way the mystery of God's transcendence, of His sovereign majesty. (141 pgs.)

"Only in so far as he recognizes his Creator's sovereign rights over him can man fully realize his own nature. If he does not discover God, and does not recognize God's rights, but looks at himself as his own master, he fails to discover the source and object of his being, and then he is like a traveler who has lost his way, knowing neither where he comes from nor where he is going to."

Jesus, Witness and Revelation of God.
Congregation of St. John, Laredo, TX, 1991.

The Church, in the midst of her struggles, disposes and leads us to the mystery of Christ, Light of the world, and Mercy of the Father. (105 pgs.)

Thirteen conferences by Father Marie Dominique Phillipe, O.P., and Father John-Mary Foster, F.J., recorded in March and April 1989 by the Catholic Communications Network in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Mary Mystery of Mercy.
John Paul II Institute of Divine Mercy. An imprint of Marian Press, Marians of the Immaculate Conception, Stockbridge, MA 01262, 2002. ISBN: 0-944203-75-2.  $15

In this book, Fr. Philippe delves into an indispensable ingredient of the mystery of Christ - the part played in it by His Virgin-Mother as the fullest recipient of the Father's acts of mercy towards His adopted children in Christ, especially manifested in the great mysteries of the Immaculate Conception, the Presentation, and the Annunciation; an extraordinary rich trilogy of consideration on God's wonderful plan to pour out His mercy upon the world. (137 pgs.)


The Mystery of Mary.
Congregation of St. John, Laredo, TX, 1992.  $15

An early and extraordinary book of Fr. Philippe's theological reflections on the Virgin Mary; the mystery of the growth of charity in her, from Conception to the Dormition and Assumption, realized through the mysteries of joy, sorrow and glory. (283 pgs.)

"The pure creature who most lived by Christian grace, who utilized all its riches while being immersed here on earth in a regime of faith and hope, is the Most Holy Virgin. Through Gabriel's salutation and the fiat, Scripture testifies to the exceptional fullness of grace and charity which the Holy Virgin possessed at the Annunciation in her state as a believer. Tradition presents her to us as the creature who experienced the closest intimacy with God and Christ, the one who received the greatest love from the Father and Christ."

The Morning Star.
Congregation of St. John, Laredo, TX, 1997.  $15

Fr. Philippe sheds light on the problems of our times by showing the importance of the Virgin Mary, as Mother of God and Mother of the Church, as Spouse of the Holy Spirit, through the mystery of her life, and particularly from the Cross to the Assumption. At the end of this book, Fr. Philippe gives a theological reflection on the Marian doctrine of Father Kolbe. (264 pgs.)

At the beginning of his encyclical Redemptoris Mater, Pope John Paul II writes, "(...)The Church has constantly been aware that Mary appeared on the horizon of salvation history before Christ. The fact that she "preceded" the coming of Christ is reflected every year in the liturgy of Advent. Therefore, becomes fully comprehensible that in this present period, we wish to turn in a special way to her, the one who in the "night" of the Advent expectation began to shine like a true "Morning Star (Stella Matutina)".

Retracing Reality. A Philosophical Itinerary.
T&T Clark, Edinburgh, 1999, ISBN: 0-567-08710-7.  $30

An inquiry into reality in all its dimensions, considering the starting point for philosophical research, the questioning and the human experience, the different stages of philosophy (ork, friendship, community, nature, living being and metaphysics) before it reaches wisdom. (171 pgs.)

This book is a response to Socrates' invitation to 'know thyself'. The journey moves from immediate experience to the discovery of First Being, with the human person as the central figure of inquiry. This is an important work in the renewa of metaphysics called for by Pope John Paul II in his encyclical Fides and Ratio (1998).