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Community of St. John


The Community desires to receive and manage its material goods in a spirit of poverty, according to the vow made by the Brothers and Sisters.


This is why the Community prefers to avoid owning real estate and instead seeks other solutions such as lease contracts. For the same reason, the Community maintains only a minimum of financial reserves and chooses ordinarily not to borrow money.

What are the Community's main sources of income?
The Community’s main sources of income come from:

  • the Brothers' apostolates, guest donations and other apostolic activities (40%)
  • Donations (45%)
  • Various revenues (15%)

Given the large number of Brothers in formation, the Community depends greatly upon the help of benefactors to balance its budget.

Does the Community manage their finances alone?
Lay people assist the Brothers and Sisters in their financial and juridical management. Also, each Priory makes a yearly budget and does its own accounting which is then, in turn, consolidated at the level of the entire Community. The budgets and accounts are available to both Church and State authorities.