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Community of St. John


The habit is probably the first thing that people notice about the Brothers. It's a sign that gives rise to various questions; in particular: "Why wear a religious habit?", "Why a gray habit?"

The decision to wear a religious habit was made at the beginning of the community and responds above all to a desire for fidelity to the Church which, at the time of the Second Vatican Council, presented the religious habit once more as a "sign of their consecration" (Perfectae caritatis, 17).

The habit is a sign of belonging. It distinguishes, points out, and reminds the one who wears it that he represents his Community, and by extension, the Church.

More precisely, the religious habit bears witness to a life consecrated to the Kingdom of God. Just as the habit envelops the entire body, this consecration takes hold of our entire being. Just as the habit is worn throughout the day, this consecration is for one's whole life.

But as for the choice of a habit... a "work habit" was needed and the Brothers chose, with a few minor modifications, the work habit worn by the Cistercians at Hauterive, an abbey near Fribourg which the brothers often visited.