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Community of St. John


In the Community, the desert is primarily something lived interiorly in the choice of living for God alone: this is why the brothers are monks.
But in every priory, there is a day of desert each week when the brothers say the religious offices individually and meals are eaten separately. Communal life is more discreet to facilitate immersion in lectio divina (spiritual reading), solitary work, and silent prayer, according to the rhythm of each Brother.

This desert life may also be extended in special places reserved for this purpose, particularly our two "desert priories" in the Alps. One is more specifically intended for the novices who spend two months of their novitiate there, in groups of twelve. The other priory is composed of small scattered hermitages and is intended more for professed brothers.

In these deserts, the brothers can deepen their relationship with Christ. This return to the source is necessary for fruitfulness, since apart from Christ they can do nothing (cf. Jn. 15:15).

In these Deserts, which will be jealously guarded by the Community, each brother will be able to discover the secret bond which unites his heart to the hearts of Jesus and Mary, in order to always live this bond more and more ."
(Rule of Life)