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Community of St. John


The Brothers and Sisters live their apostolic presence in the service of the Church in small communities, thereby giving an evangelic witness to fraternal charity lived fully.

It is in response to the call of the Bishops that, according to different modalities, these contemplative and apostolic priories are formed. Each priory has its own proper physiognomy which respects the religious vocation and the service asked by the Church, but all are united profoundly in the same spirit.

The Brothers and Sisters desire, according to their respective grace, to serve the missionary and universal Church in all her needs, and they want to be attentive principally to the great spiritual and temporal poverties of our time.

What is an "apostolic priory"?
An apostolic priory consists of, on the average, a half-dozen brothers led by a prior elected for three years. Founded at the request of the local Bishop, it responds to a particular diocesan need. This explains the diversity of the Brothers' apostolates : chaplaincies, teaching, parishes, etc.

What is the unifying factor in these different apostolic tasks ?
The unity comes from us, for we cannot assume these responsibilities without living the proper demand of our life, which is first of all contemplative. Our apostolate really begins with this witness of our gift to God.

The community aspect is also important. Our fraternal life is a manifestation of what we receive from Christ : " By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another " (Jn. 13:35). And an apostolate is never accepted by a Brother individually: the whole community of the apostolic priory is involved.