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Community of St. John

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The Apostolic Sisters
Discernment & Formation
Search for Truth
Apostolic Life
Fraternal Charity
Typical Weekday in a House of Formation

The apostolic life of the Sisters, attentive to the missionary and universal needs of the Church, consists first of all in the testimony of their consecrated life. The Sisters strive to be, in the world, witnesses of the merciful love of Christ and to spread the fire of light and love that He came to enkindle in all hearts. Their role is to be an "oasis" of spiritual hospitality and of search for and communication of the truth.

This apostolic life varies according to the needs Divine Providence brings them in contact with, and is carried out in very close communion with the bishops of the dioceses where the Sisters serve. Their missions are diverse e.g.: children,  youth and campus ministry, retreats for families, hospitality, parish ministry, education, ministry in nursing homes, visits to the poor and homebound.