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Community of St. John

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The Apostolic Sisters
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Apostolic Life
Fraternal Charity
Typical Weekday in a House of Formation

The Apostolic Sisters desire to live by the spirit of the "beloved disciple", Saint John, the apostle and evangelist. They seek to witness to Christ's two-fold commandment of love, which he highlights in his writings: the contemplative demand of the love of God and its incarnation in fraternal charity. For this reason, they strive to unite contemplative prayer and evangelization while living in fraternal communities.

"The apostolate of the Apostolic Sisters of Saint John is fulfilled in communion with the Bishop of the Diocese, in a life of evangelization; it involves first of all the witness to a life of adoration, of contemplation and of fraternal charity overflowing into hospitality and spiritual help in all its forms. In a life all given to Jesus through Mary and through Saint John, they complete in their own way the apostolate of their Brothers, by their merciful deeds and their teaching."
(Constitutions of the Congregation #6)