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Community of St. John

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The Apostolic Sisters
Discernment & Formation
Search for Truth
Apostolic Life
Fraternal Charity
Typical Weekday in a House of Formation

In order to offer their lives as a "consecration in the truth" according to Jesus' prayer to the Father for His disciples (John 17:17-19), each member is to receive a formation of the intelligence in a humble search for the truth. This assists in the purification of the heart which is a work of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary.

By their studies, the Sisters want to deepen their knowledge of the Word of God, taking as their model the way in which Mary lived by it, loved it and kept it in her heart. They will receive the doctrine of the Church to assist them in this, as it comes to them through Tradition and the teachings of the Fathers and Saint Thomas Aquinas. An important place is given to a philosophical understanding of the human person. These studies, which purify, form and give structure to their intelligence, should also allow a dialogue with all those searching for the truth.

This search for the Three Wisdoms - philosophical, theological, and mystical wisdom - enables them to love in truth, and become faithful witnesses of the mystery of Christ, all the while disposing them to the grace of purity of heart which is characteristic of St. John.

"Father, consecrate them in the truth."
John 17:17