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Community of St. John

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The Contemplative Sisters
Prayer and Silence
Search for Truth
Fraternal Charity
A Typical Weekday

Particularly "hidden in God" by Mary and in her, the Contemplative Sisters are, in the heart of the family of Saint John, guardians of its contemplative fervor. Living the Father's attraction in an ultimate way requires of them a silent, but joyful fraternal charity that bears witness to the victory of love given by Jesus to all men.

Following the Lamb wherever He goes, the sisters desire to remain united to Mary's compassionate heart and, like her, carry the sufferings and poverties of the world of today.

"A permanent desert in the heart of Mary is needed in order that the demands of contemplative life, thus of desert, which is written in the Brothers' Rule of Life, might be fully lived.

Indeed the desert for the Brothers is not a withdrawing far away from everything, but a discovery of the mystery of the new desert: the desert of Jesus, with Mary at the foot of the Cross.

However, because of their apostolic demands, the Brothers cannot live this mystery in a continual way and as often as they would like. That is why it is necessary that there might be, within the Family of St John and close to the Apostolic Brothers, Contemplative Sisters who live in a full and exclusive way, this mystery of Mary at the foot of the Cross. Mary made known to John this mystery; she now lives it in glory and wants to give it to her children."

-Father Marie Dominique Philippe