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Community of St. John

Article Index
The Brothers
The Novitiate
Discernment and Formation
Intimacy With Christ
The Process
Holy Orders
A Typical Day at the Novitiate House

The Church, in her prudence, asks that religious profession be made in stages. A young man who comes knocking at the door of the novitiate is first of all " looking ". In other words, he is given time to observe the life of the Community from the exterior. Then, if he asks to continue the experience, the novice master invites him to cross the threshold and to participate in the brothers' life in all that they do: "Come and see" (Jn. 1:39). Thus begins the period of postulancy which lasts two months. Having experienced his vocation inwardly, he can then enter the Community and become a novice.

In the Community of Saint John, the novitiate lasts for eighteen months. Six months after entering the Community, the novice takes the habit. At the end of the novitiate, a brother commits himself for four years by pronouncing vows of poverty, chastity and obedience: this is called temporary profession, as opposed to perpetual profession, which is a lifelong commitment. After temporary profession, the brother spends another year at Saint-Jodard in order to complete his philosophical formation. Then he leaves for Rimont, where he prepares for his perpetual profession.