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Community of St. John

Article Index
The Brothers
The Novitiate
Discernment and Formation
Intimacy With Christ
The Process
Holy Orders
A Typical Day at the Novitiate House

The stages of the Brothers’ formation?

  • The first stage is postulancy which is usually done in a Priory of the Community; it lasts between 3 to 12 months.
  • The second stage is the Novitiate which is made in one of the three Novitiates of the Community (in France, in Cameroon and in the USA); the Novitiate lasts between 18 to 24 months. The Novice receives the habit during the Novitiate.
  • The third stage is temporary profession which lasts for at least 4 years. During these years the Brother lives in the Priories of formation and he also spends 2 years in an apostolic Priory.
  • At the end of his temporary vows, if the Brother is accepted by the Community, he pronounces his perpetual vows (until death).

Discernment is made at all stages of formation.
  • For admission to the postulancy, discernment is made with one’s spiritual director, together with the Prior of the house where the candidate enters.
  • Admission to the Novitiate is decided by the Prior General. During the time of Novitiate, the Novice Master, helped by his assistants, is responsible for discerning the Novice’s vocation.
  • Admission to simple profession, decided by the Prior General, is preceded by a consultative vote of the chapter of the Priory where the Novitiate is made.
  • Admission to final profession depends upon a special chapter (called "Chapter of Formation") whose members include the Prior General, the Novice Master and the final professed Brothers of the Priory of formation. The decision is made through a secret deliberative vote.