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Community of St. John

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A Building Project

The Project for the U.S. refers to the Community of Saint John's most recent building project which will be located in Princeville, Illinois (next to the novitiate house) and will consist of two buildings, a Conference Center and a Guest House.

Thanks to the generosity of countless donors, we celebrated the successful completion of the Conference Center in Oct 2006.  Already it has been an incomparable blessing by providing a place for Philosophical, Theological, and Spiritual formation. The Conference Center is open to the public and offers the same academic curriculum that the Brothers receive: a philosophical enquiry into what man is, his purpose and aspirations, theological formation nourished by a knowledge of the Word of God according to the Church's tradition, the Church Fathers, and St. Thomas Aquinas, and finally Spiritual formation (seminars, catechism, wedding preparation, youth leader formation...). This building has proven especially important by allowing us to form young adults for lives of mission in the Church by hosting the Eagle Eye Institute year round.

Now we need your help to build the Guest House!  This guest house will allow the Community of Saint John to provide private and group retreats, days of recollection, and spiritual direction—all within a monastic environment. The construction of this Guest House will be funded almost exclusively through private donations. Since opening the Conference Center, the Priory has hosted overflow crowds, obliging the majority of retreatants to sleep on the floor.  Providing a guest house to house them is now an urgent necessity.

Construction of the Conference Center began in October of 2005. The pictures below were taken in January 2007 of the finishedbuilding.



Fr. Marie Dominique Philippe, Founder of the Community of St. John
"Wishing to do fund raising in the spirit of St. John, I look to those whose hearts have been touched by the Holy Spirit working through the Brothers and Sisters, and who wish to assist the Church in her mission of evangelization. I would ask them first of all to unite with us in prayer for the Novitiates. Therefore they will become not only benefactors but also our friends. The Brothers and Sisters will carry them in their hearts and present all their intentions to the Lord."

Cardinal Francis E. George, OMI,
Archbishop of Chicago
"I am very grateful that the Community of St. John [has established] two Novitiates in Illinois, close to the Archdiocese of Chicago. Founded by Fr. Marie Dominique Philippe, O.P., whose teaching amd writing is a great gift to all those searching for the truth and desiring to contemplate God's self-revelation, the Community of St. John is an inspired response to the needs of our time and place. Their presence will do much to strengthen our faith. I will keep their building projects in my prayers, and I hope that many Catholics and others will be generous to them."

Archbishop John J. Myers,
Archbishop of Newark, New Jersey (former Bishop of Peoria, Illinois)
"I am very happy that the Brothers and Sisters of St. John responded favorably to my invitation and decided to establish their English-speaking Novitiates in the Diocese of Peoria. [In 1995] Since their arrival, many lay people, seminarians, religious and priests have been touched by their contemplative spirit, incarnated in a deep life of adoration and search for the truth. They truly are a blessing for the whole diocese."

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, OFM Cap,
Archbishop of Denver
"I look forward eagerly to the day when the Congregation of St. John will found a Priory here in northern Colorado. A little more then two decades since its beginnings, this Community is already a powerful witness to the Gospel in its outstanding devotion to the evangelical counsels–poverty, chastity and obedience. In a culture struggling with selfishness and utility, it's refreshing to encounter the joy of a community centered on what's essential and filled with filial love for the Virgin Mary."

Archbishop Roberto O. Gonzalez, OFM,
Archbishop of San Juan, Puerto Rico (former Bishop of Corpus Christi, Texas)
"The Congregation of St. John arrived in Laredo, Texas [in 1986] at the request of Bishop Rene Gracida, the Bishop of Corpus Christi. The fruit of the presence of the Brothers and Sisters is evident not only in Laredo, but also in the other major cities of Texas. Many vocations have blossomed, and they have succeeded in intensifying the life of contemplative prayer for many persons."


How You Can Help

The Approximate Cost of the Guest house is $1,050,000.00. To date, St. Joseph has provided, through generous benefactors, $250,000. To make a donation or pledge, contact the Community at the address given on the Contact Us page. Your spiritual support, through prayer and petition, is invaluable to the success of this endeavor.


O Saint Joseph, Whom the Father granted the grace of finding at Bethlehem a place for the Savior to be born, and of cooperating intimately with Mary, in the Holy Spirit, to hlep the Child Jesus grow in age, wisdom and grace,

We beg you to lead and assist us in creating the English-speaking novitiates of the Brothers and sisters, so that a holy place will be prepared for the novices to grow in wisdom and love.

We ask you to watch over the Family of St. John in all its activities, and especially in the fulfillment of its vocation to seek the truth, to adore the Father, to be one with Jesus and to love one another as He loves us.

We entrust to you each of our lives, so that, under your guidance and following your example, we may witness to the mercy of the Father and to the loving presence of Jesus among us.


Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, patroness of novices, pray for us.

Saint John, beloved disciple of Jesus, pray for us.

Our Lady of Compassion, pray for us.

(Prayer for the English-speaking novitiates of the Community of St. John. With ecclesiastical approval ~ Most Rev. J.J. Myers, Bishop of Peoria.)