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Community of St. John

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Striving to be a Son of Mary

As a son of Saint Dominic himself, Fr. Philippe was an intimate son of Mary, the love for whom he shared with his sons, the Brothers of Saint John, and anyone else willing to listen.  His philosophical inquiry and research, interestingly enough, served this communication.  From the age of six, Fr. Philippe read for his uncle, Fr. Dehau, who was going blind.  As a novice, on a visit to his uncle, a visit during which he continued a reading of Aristotle, he was given wise counsel: "You must enter deeply into metaphysics, for metaphysics enables us to speak of Mary.  You must study metaphysics to be able to speak of Mary, and to communicate her to others."

Indeed, who is Mary?  She is a mystery, a mystery of mercy, for she has been enveloped by God...and given to us.  "Mary is the masterpiece of God at the Cross.  She is the masterpiece of God, of the Father, and the Holy Spirit, for us.  The one who is given to us is the Woman, who is one with Jesus crucified.   And she who is entirely turned towards Jesus is entirely turned towards us, and is given to each one of us in a unique way.  We must receive her.  We must ask the Holy Spirit to grant us a divine experience of the heart of Mary, who is our desert."