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Community of St. John

Marthe Robin

Born in 1902 ; died February 6, 1981 at Chateauneuf-de-Galaure, France. On October 25, 1925, Marthe consecrates her entire life to God in an act of surrender to the love and will of God : "Lord my God, you have asked everything of your lowly servant; take then and receive everything. On this day, I give myself to you without reserve and without return". In the following years, Marthe, stricken with paralysis of her legs, then her arms, is forced to remain in bed. She no longer eats or drinks, and loses sleep. In 1930, she receives the stigmata and begins to relive the Passion of Christ each week. In 1936, Father Finet, after meeting Marthe, founds the Foyer de Charite in Chateauneuf, where he preaches the first retreat in September. In 1940, Marthe is struck blind, having offered up her eyes for France.

Until 1981, Marthe welcomes in her room thousands and thousands of visitors who come seeking encouragement and advice. The fruits of her life of sacrifice can be measured as well by the increase in the number of Foyers de Charite in the world (60 today).