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Community of St. John

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The Three Covenants
Royal Priesthood
Philosophical Search

In order to allow the "opening to the world" desired by the Second Vatican Council, this formation includes a philosophical search into what is man, his finality, and his aspirations. This formation does not neglect the major current problems with which the Christian is confronted in a world submitted to all sorts of ideologies - often atheistic - which disfigure God's image in man by preventing his intelligence from being at the service of love. This philosophical research is itself at the service of a theological formation nourished by knowledge of the Word of God according to the Church's Tradition, through the Fathers and Saint Thomas Aquinas, with a view to communicating the mystery of Christ-Savior in its fullness and actuality. In this way, each member of the Community seeks to respond to Christ's mission to "present the patrimony of the faith to men of our time... in an understandable and persuasive fashion" (Evangelii Nuntiandi, 3).

In order to maintain always this demand of the deepening of the three wisdoms - philosophical, theological, and mystical - the Community has founded the School of Saint John, where this teaching, which is given to the brothers and sisters, is equally offered to all who desire to partake of it.