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Community of St. John

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The Three Covenants
Royal Priesthood
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Consecration to the Blessed Trinity can only be realized fully through the sacrifice of Christ, High Priest, who offers Himself as a holocaust victim of love of the Father. That is why each member of the Community wants to live from Christ's priesthood. This priesthood, which is the most precious gift given by Christ to His Church, is brought to completion (cf. Col. 1:24) in the royal priesthood of the faithful and in the ministerial priesthood. That is why each one desires, following Saint John's example and with him, to follow Jesus in a fully evangelical life, even to the Cross, where He accomplishes His sacerdotal work as Beloved Son. Living from this contemplative priesthood demands receiving everything in a loving attitude of prayer, in order, thereafter, to communicate this love to those who thirst for it. In and through this, the community glorifies the Father and helps today's humanity to rediscover a sense of adoration and brotherly love.